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Kountze Family Medicine Clinic
 345 S Pine St                                                       Mail:   POBox 727
Kountze, Texas 77625                                           Kountze, Texas   77625


Phone: 409 246-1014 409 246-1014                                             Fax: 409 246-1029

For our current patients who have internet, you may use your patient portal to connect and request an appointment or to send a message to the office.  For those without internet connection, please call the office.  We often have same day, or next day appointments available, although at times it may be the next week.  Please make sure you let the receptionist know why you need to be seen, and we may be able to work you in sooner. 

We are NOT currently taking any new patients.  However you are free to call, as that can change on a month to month basis.  We limit our patients, so that they can be seen in a timely manner and not have to wait several weeks before being seen. 

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409 246-1014 409 246-1014

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Kountze Family Medicine Clinic

345 S Pine St

Kountze, Texas 77625




Kountze Family  Medicine Clinic

POBox 727

Kountze, TX   77625-0727

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